New bridles on the block: who are House of Montar? By Lynne Clarke at Country Ways




New to Country Ways is an exciting equestrian leatherwork collection from Montar. A relatively new name on the equestrian scene, the Danish brand has the ambition to take bridle design to the next level, their products marrying style and functionality, with research and innovation.

The showcase pieces are the Montar Monarch Bridle and the Montar Normandie Dressage Bridle, both stunning examples of the way in which the latest in ergonomic technology can be combined with comfort, elegance and style. And that’s no mean feat! As we all know from our own favourite ‘comfy clothes’ at home, (the old joggers and PJ tops we swap into when we get home from work!), comfort doesn’t always mean style!  But Montar have managed the seemingly impossible and made beautiful bridles at the cutting edge of anatomical design.

As is the way with building anything of quality, the foundation is key. All Montar leather items are made at the very outset with the highest quality Sedgewick leather. All the leather is tanned ecologically, making it particularly ideal for sensitive horses as it reduces the chance of irritation and allergic reaction. The gentle processing means the leather is incredibly soft and durable. Lovely stuff 

And then there’s just a whole range of super cool parts – my personal favourite being the pop off browband which you can easily switch over for another one without having to labour over the long and nightmarish task of taking most of your bridle apart (only to realise once you have put it back together that nothing is in fact on the same holes as before!) Instead you just pop it on and off all while the bridle is still on the horse! Hallelujah!

passion_black_curved.jpegThen there’s all the other exciting features, all of which are at the forefront of ergonomical innovation and designed to provide maximum comfort for your horse. The Monarch headpiece is uniquely designed with an adjustable strap to allow a perfect and individual fit to your horse. The noseband has been designed to avoid pressure on your horses sensitive mouth and jaw, with the sweeping soft curves ensuring that neither the horses facial nerves nor back teeth are impacted by the fit.


The Normandie has a padded V-headpiece to give optimal freedom and fit and combined with the soft padding at the sides, allows the neck to move freely so that even the most sensitive horse can relax and move freely. The noseband has a completely detachable flash, including the loop which is easily removed by pushing it up between the padding and top leather. The noseband has pullback closure with softly padded cushion to protect the jaw bones.normandie3.pngPapillon Breastplate

All the Montar products embody the same quality, innovation and style. Why not come in store or visit our website to check out our range of bridles, breastplates, reins and browbands (we have some bling bling ones too… oooooh… they are always nice to look at  See you soon! LC

January 16, 2019 — Country Ways
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