I must confess that before I started working at Country Ways, I wasn’t familiar with the BOGS brand of footwear. But the more I learnt about them, the more I began to covet a pair. Not least because my own wellies had seen much better days and had started to leak. And we all know the misery of soggy feet. Indeed much akin to the old adage ‘no hoof, no horse’, the same could be said for any outdoor pursuit, in that comfort levels firmly begin with the feet!

My new BOGS and Leo! Gone are the days of cold toes and slipping about the yard…these carver boots are a revelation!

And BOGS are all about the comfort! Having worn my own pair of Ladies Carver Tall Boots (ironic that I should wear anything with the description tall given how short I am) this weekend for some snowy adventures with my both four and two-legged friends, I can testify to that! Having been used to wellies being functional rather than particularly comfortable, and cold without numerous layers of socks, I was amazed at just how cushioned the feel was and just how warm the BOGS were! I was prancing around in the snow fair chuffed with myself (prancing made possible by excellent grip and traction on the sole). Plus they are completely waterproof! Because that’s often the rub with outdoor footwear (literally), it’s hard to find something fully waterproof that are also comfy and warm enough to wear all day long.


BOGS however have achieved this by incorporating all sorts of very impressive technology that make their range of boots comfortable, warm and wearable (they’ve hit the trifecta of the welly boot world ) So what I would describe as ‘cushiony’ (that’s a word right? If not then it should be), is actually a technology called ‘Rebound’, which provides a shock absorbing cushion and foot support that lasts the life of the product. Then it’s something called ‘Neo-Tech’ which provides such excellent insulation and regulates temperature with a 4-way stretch inner ‘bootie’. Oh and don’t forget the DuraFresh biotechnology to help fight unwanted odors! 

All this technology can also be found in an array of super cute versions made specifically for small people. Baby Bogs will keep even the tiniest of toes cosy, with an added plush lining for an extra snuggly feel and a hook and loop strap which makes them simple to get on and off. Plus they have cool things like dinosaurs or farm animals on them 🦖🦕

baby_bogs_farmMine don’t have dinosaurs on them. Which would be my only disappointment to be fair. LC

Bogs are available at Country Ways, 115 Holburn Street, Aberdeen and online at www.countryways.com/brands/bogs-boots


November 01, 2023 — Country Ways
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